Heads I Win
Tails You Lose

A financial strategy to reignite the American Dream.

It’s no secret that Americans are losing the game of money. In Heads I Win, Tails You Lose, Patrick Donohoe teaches you how to win. Discover the time-tested and proven wealth-building strategies that lending institutions, government, and fee-based advisors don’t want you to know about – the ones that put the power of financial freedom back in your hands.

About the Author

Patrick Donohoe is the Founder and CEO of Paradigm Life and PL Wealth Advisors. Patrick and his team teach thousands how to build wealth, create lifetime cash flow, and leave a meaningful legacy. Patrick was recently honored by Investopedia as one of the Nation’s Top 100 Most Influential Financial Advisors. He is a highly sought after presenter and speaker at financial-based events around the country and is the host of The Wealth Standard podcast. Patrick grew up in West Hartford, Connecticut, and attended the University of Utah, where he received his bachelor’s degree in economics. He lives in Salt Lake City with his wife and three children.

Heads I Win, Tails You Lose offers life changing education that:

Illustrates the true risk of relying solely on 401(k)s, IRAs, and other traditional financial vehicles

Uncovers the proven financial strategies used by the wealthy to grow and protect their wealth

Teaches you how to maximize cash flow and returns in any market condition, acting as your own bank

Demonstrates a clear path for eliminating reliance on expensive loans, government-backed programs, and advisor fees that end up controlling you

Dispels the myths surrounding whole life insurance as a financial tool with examples from the early 1900s through today, including Patrick’s firsthand experience and those of his clients

Ultimately shows you how to take back control and achieve true financial freedom

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Patrick’s team at Paradigm Life is ready to show you how you can implement sound financial strategies, starting today.

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