Your Brand, Our Support

Our team of independent Authorized Advisors is growing. Operate on your own terms with the backing of our proven products, tools, resources, and support.

We’re Breaking the Mold

Our advisors don’t merely provide financial advice. They are changemakers and leaders that deliver meaningful impact in the lives of their clients. They embody the Paradigm Life values and culture, and are experts in nurturing long-term relationships of value with every person they work with.

Who We’re Looking For

We pride ourselves on the tools and support we’ve developed to help our advisors succeed. But those that truly excel come with personal and relationship skills that set them apart from the majority of traditional financial advisors.

Have an inherent “client first and always” mentality

Operate with empathy and compassion, seeking to understand and solve their clients’ most pressing needs, fears, and motivations

Have a natural ability to establish relationships, build rapport, and earn the trust of those they work with

Love what they do and approach their work with honesty, integrity, passion, and commitment

Have a thirst for knowledge and are natural teachers and guides

Are advocates and evangelists for the strategies we teach

Have at least three years of experience in the financial services industry

Put Our Experience to Use

Our marketing, sales, onboarding, and retention processes have been developed and perfected from more than a decade of hands-on use. We set each of our advisors up with all of it, ensuring you can spend time where it matters most.

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